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    KATRAN research and production company was founded in 1991 to develop and produce suits, accessories, and equipment for use in professional underwater work, spearfishing, and all divings. Amongst otherwise, the challenge stated 12 years ago, i.e. manufacturing diving suits as a principal product in an internationally recognised class, is still a priority in the companys activities. Here are only several landmarks in the success story related to the quality management as a vigorous aspect in the continuous progress of KATRAN enterprise.

    1996. Diving suits with KATRAN trademark were chosen prizes for winners of the Worlds Underwater Image Festival held in Antibes (France) since 1973.
    1997. The first diving suits with KATRAN logo were contractually delivered to France.
    1999. Wet- and drysuits, totally 7 samples, manufactured by KATRAN enterprise, were decreed subject to regular supplies to the Ukrainian Navy. The same year KATRAN-made diving suits were put to all-round tests in the Arctic and Antarctic, to finish an absolute success.
    2001. The comprehensive quality management system under ISO 9000 was launched to be being implemented.
    2003. KATRAN company appeared to win an international tender to supply as many as several DESSAULTbranded suits to Western Europe.


    Today the companys products (nearly 20 diving suits alone) have proved hot in demand nationally and internationally. Amongst the clients are:
    - search and rescue, emergency and sub-engineering agencies
    - petroleum producers
    - branded net shops and dive clubs in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Western Europe
    - hundreds of divers and spearfishers from near and far parts of the CIS
    - international diving and underwater art personalities, such as Daniel Mercier, Andre Laban, Christian Petron, Pascal Lecocq and Ukrainian and Russian music and TV stars.

    It is of special pleasure to have as steady clients the national defence and other state agencies, such as the Ministry of Defence, Ministry for Emergency Situations, Security Service of Ukraine. This became a reality due to the fact that KATRAN enterprise manufactures diving suits and accessories in compliance with Ukrainian, Russian, including military, and international standards, supplied for national security needs, flotation devices meeting SOLAS-74/96 (the International Convention for the Protection of Human Lives on the Sea) requirements and certified by the Russian Sea Navigation Registry.

    Amongst the state-of-the-art products of KATRAN company are:
    - professional flotation, rescue, and protection devices (life jackets, immersion and protection suits, pro-divers underwear)
    - dry-, semidry, and wetsuits for pro-divers, technodivers, free-divers, amateurs, and spearfishers
    - wide range of accessories for sub-activities (gloves, socks, boots, T-shirts and otherwise underwear and gear)
    - KATRAN-branded diving equipment

     KATRAN is the recognised pacesetter of diving industry in Ukraine. However, this name makes all the difference in international diving, too. It is warm and profound relationships that the company has been enhancing with industry associations and sports federations all over the world. Constant awards from KATRAN become at the Antibes Worlds Underwater Image Festival, whose President Daniel Mercier is a good friend and colleague. Besides, KATRAN company is an established and repeatedly distinguished participant of numerous prestigious diving shows in Ukraine, Russia, France, and Germany. Personifying its title, KATRAN spearfishers team aspires to its sporting feats at international arena.


    The close ties with worlds top materials and components vendors from Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Taiwan and the continuous benchmarking together ensure the corporate marketing policy to be modern and multilaterally beneficial. The technological improvements, now underway within the ISO 9000 standards implementation, should in future provide international diving market with revolutionary and pleasing new products regularly.

    The future is the day already. Today the time-proved along with new suits, accessories, and equipment secure trust and love of spearfishers, professional and amateur divers, as the KATRAN-made products are reliable, top-quality performed, and affordable.

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